MARCH 2019 -

Article HERE - Find your footing amid the furor over DSC - Geller says regulatory action on DSCs is called for because of the wealth of research that regulators have amassed showing associated conflicts.

September 2018

Harold Geller quoted by Canadian Lawyer Magazine

Check out the Article by clicking here: Protecting vulnerable Investors

MBC Investigating Complaints by Clients of Chris Lee - 2018

We are investigating claims against Chris Lee, formerly agent for Freedom 55, London Life Insurance Company, London Life Wealth Management, Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. and Moore Wrinn Financial Group Inc., relating to money paid by clients to Mr. Lee’s numbered companies, 2332244 Ontario Inc. and 8616574 Canada Inc.

Anyone with knowledge of any such payments should contact MBC Law.


Harold Geller quoted by FINANCIAL POST

Check out the Article by clicking here: Concerns raised over Sun Life investor remediation plan following mutual fund settlement

May 31, 2017 - CBC

Harold Geller for CBC Go Public segment which appeared on CBC - The National. 

"I think that they're trying to keep the genie in the bottle.  If more people knew about the settlements that are available, there'd be more people looking for justice."

October 10, 2017 - CBC

"Almost every case I deal with, the consumer is told absolutely ludicrous things like, 'You're sophisticated. You should have known. You made the decisions,'" says Geller.

"Commissions put a financial adviser in a conflict between doing what's right for the client and selling as much as they can," he says. "It's a known problem within the industry."

Harold Geller providing comments to the CBC for the Go Public article. 

July 2016 - Vision TV

Harold Geller appeared on Zoomer to discuss retirement and security during an episode airing on Vision TV .  Learn more and watch Harold's advice.